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Hey, any other Professionals fans out there?

I’m watching Hunter/Hunted and I want to know if anybody can explain to me why Doyle refers to himself as 3:6. He calls himself 3:6 to dispatch. Then when Bodie radios in he asks where 4:5 is, dispatch responds to tell him that 3:6 has gone to meet a contact… to the best of my knowledge Doyle was 4:5 through most of the series, so have I missed an explanation as to why he’s both 3:6 and 4:5 in this episode?

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    There were mistakes in the script and most of the time the directors never picked up on it.
  2. shades-of-illya said: Doyle was originally 3-6 but later became 4-5. No reason is given for the mix up, but more than likely, it was a mistake on the script editor-person’s behalf.
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